877QuicDry (877-784-2379) performs Comprehensive Inspections second to none in the Flood Restoration and Mold Remediation Industry.

In fact, our Consultant Grade Water Damage and Mold Inspections, and Moisture Surveys in Houston and Galveston often set the bar for competitors attempting to copy our success.

No portion of the water loss recovery process is more important than the initial inspection and owner interview.  Knowing response time is crucial, less qualified companies attempt to dry structures quickly, often overlooking crucial issues that not only affect the timeliness of the drying process but that often cause considerably more damage than the initial loss.  This damage and that from improper drying is sometimes referred to as secondary damage.

877QuicDry (877-784-2379) knows few limitations as it relates to inspection performance. Our inspectors have been trained in the most current moisture detection processes and our firm utilizes the the latest in moisture detection equipment technology.


A spore trap pump is used to determine mold
levels with detailed accuracy and consistency.




An image from a thermal imaging camerareveals
high moisture levels in a ceiling.




We utilize a variety of moisture detection equipment including thermal imaging cameras, digital hygrometers, pinless moisture meters, pin-type moisture meters, hydro sensors and more to ensure a thorough inspection.

For aging water losses and other microbial (mold) concerns, 877QuicDry (877-784-2379) employs two full-time state licensed mold consultants with very strong backgrounds and educations in this discipline.

These consultants employ the best equipment and processes known to ensure any microbial inspection delivers exactly what you need or have requested. We utilize laser air particle counters, swab samples, tape lifts, spore traps, viable sampling (both air and source), borescopes, and numerous other detection and calibration equipments.

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