Water Extraction

A series of drying panels, or mats, are used to
extract water from underneath a wood floor.


After defining the area of a structure affected by a water leak or flood, the extraction is the single most important drying component affecting the overall success of the drying process.  877QuicDry (877-784-2379) utilizes the latest in extraction equipment technology to ensure the best possible extraction.

Water Extraction, sometimes referred to as Water Removal, is one of the least expensive elements of a professional drying project yet it has the potential to drastically affect the the overall time and success of the entire Flood Restoration process.

A poor water extraction can double or more the duration of the drying process and potentially destroy otherwise salvageable building components.  Water extraction can be performed by a variety of equipment types, but generally only a few are used. The equipment types that we use are covered in this section, accessed with the links on the right.

Warning:  There are vast differences in quality between devices that are similar to the untrained eye. The variations are too great to go into vast detail on the site, so we would simply caution you to always use a company specializing in performing water extractions and drying.

Water Extraction and Wood Floors

For water under wood floors the extraction begins with the squeegee wand then the trapped water is partially extracted with the mat system and a water separator.

(For more information on the mat systems that we use for drying wood floors, please visit the Mat Systems page.)

Wood floors pose special problems for extraction as water becomes trapped under and between the planks. This problem is compounded by the existence of several types of wood floors installed in several different manners.  Water atop the wood floor is removed with a light squeegee wand but that below must be extracted by specialty drying equipment



An 877QuicDry (877-784-2379) Technician rides an Extreme Extractor vacuum as part of the Professional Restorative Drying Process.

The Rover is a similar Water Extraction Technology
that thoroughly extracts water from carpet.

Water Extraction and Carpeted Flooring

The initial extraction of carpet is usually performed by a light wand (click here for more information on Light Wand Extraction) and a squeegee wand on hard floors.  The suction of the unit to which the wand’s hose is attached is of far more importance than the style of wand itself.  Some companies use a truck mounted extraction unit while others use portable units.  877QuicDry (877-784-2379) uses both as determined by the specific project situation.

For many, this initial extraction completes the extraction process, but 877QuicDry (877-784-2379) sees it as merely the beginning.


To thoroughly extract water from the carpet and pad, the best second step is the use of self propelled roller or pressure extractors.  The two popular models on the market are the Extreme Extractor (click here for more info) and the Rover (click for more info).  These devices can remove an extra 10% to 20% of water after a typical extraction.  The utilization of this equipment can significantly reduce drying times.  877QuicDry (877-784-2379) utilizes both of these pieces, but the use of either on any project depends upon the specific circumstances and conditions on that project.

Please follow the links in this section for more information on the different methods of Water Extraction that 877QuicDry (877-784-2379) utilizes.

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