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Water Extraction and Wood Floors

Wood floors pose special problems for extraction as water becomes trapped under and between the planks. This problem is compounded by the existence of several types of wood floors installed in several different manners.


Water atop the wood floor is removed with a light squeegee wand but that below must be extracted by specialty drying equipment, such as a mat system and/or a water separator. 

Two such types of equipment are the Dri-eaz Dri Force and the Injectidry HP60. Both of these devices are not designed as primary extraction devices but more to remove small amounts of water and large volumes of moisture.  Water separator devices are used to keep water from entering the equipment.  These devices are intended to be used with floor mat drying systems when used in this capacity.  The drying mats suction themselves to the floor with the help of the suction units previously mentioned.  Water and moisture are drawn up through the mats into the hoses.  Ultimately the vapor is dispersed into the air to be removed by the dehumidifiers and the the water is caught in the separator.  While these devices are primarily designed for use as suction devices, they can also be used in other capacities which are discussed in greater detail in the specialty drying section.

The Injectidry and Dri Force are the two most popular mat suction devices in the industry.  877QuicDry (877-784-2379) utilizes both systems.  We address water under laminate floors (usually with very limited success), water under engineered wood floors, water under traditional wood floors attached directly to the slab or sub-floor, and water under traditional wood floors on sleepers.  Each scenario is dried by different equipment and techniques.

There are dozens of places where loose water will pond beyond that within the visible flooring.  The water restoration experts at 877QuicDry (877-784-2379) are trained to recognize conditions that may be conducive to hidden water and remove it at the source. 

A gymnasium floor in Houston, TX goes through the Restorative
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